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21st October 2016
Apologies for the hand drawn red highlighted areas. Hopefully I'll get better at this over time!

For this blog post I'm just going to talk a little bit about composition and why I chose to frame the photograph like this.
I don't necessarily compose photographs with the rule of thirds in mind. Subjects aren't always placed off centre on intersecting lines.
What I do love though is balance and symmetry.
Balance and symmetry can be found everywhere in nature so they are two very easy things to incorporate in to your photographs.
Here's a little run down of the chosen composition of this photograph…


The two things that first stand out in this image are the Milky Way and the line of the wave in the foreground. This wasn't by accident. It took a few exposures before I was happy with the water line in the foreground.
Together they offer the image symmetry. They are the two brightest parts of the photograph and they oppose each other in the frame to give it balance.


I do love a good lead in line! Here the Milky Way, wave line and cliff line all lead the viewer in to the centre of the image where the subject matter is... The core of the Milky Way setting over Black Rock with the tide washing around it.


Part of this evenings plan was to light up some of the shingle on the predominantly black beach. This would highlight some of the brighter rocks, making them shine like stars and mirror the night sky. I used a low power torch to achieve this.

Here's the finished image without the funky red stuff on it!...


Stay tuned for more tips on composing images.

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Photo comment By Charlie Edwards: Awesome shot:) keep the tips coming,its brain food for us aspiring shooters

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